Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats

"...a simmering, smoldering set of vintage, sixties R&B that drew several standing ovations mid-set."
    — Elmore Magazine - July 2015

"Morrison has a voice that is reminiscent of Etta James, sultry, smoky and very highly emotionally charged. This woman could charm the robes off the Pope... no offense intended. The band is equally emotionally charged, coming from the school of feelings rather than technical perfection. Don't get me wrong, this band can hold their own with the best of them from either standpoint."
    — Bill Wilson - Billtown Blues News - October/November 2011

"Do yourself a favor. Go see this band and buy the CD. You won't be disappointed."
    — Don Bedell - The Centre County Gazette- July 22, 2011

"Her sultry voice hearkens from another era, a time of smoky nightclubs and rough-and-tumble juke joints."
    — Chris Rosenblum - Centre Daily Times - October 5, 2013

"...a rapport, discipline and tonal color not unlike a classic organ trio from Blue Note or Verve Records' mid-'60s heyday."
    — Dan Kunz - Centre Daily Times - August 1, 2014

"...featuring former Queen Bee and the Blue Hornet Band alumni Mark Ross on guitar and organist Rev. James Harton, the Valley Rats provide the smooth and grooving backdrops for new singing sensation Melanie Morrison."
    — Jim Price - Pennsylvania Musician - October 2011

"Her deep, sultry voice ... certainly upped the concert's energy factor..."
    — Jake Abbate - The Daily Collegian - October 18, 2012